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Virtual CFO Services

When running a business, whether you are an individual, small business owner or a multinational company, you have to manage multiple things than just your product & operations. Like taxation, climate compliance. Any neglect or lack of knowledge cause significant drain on your resources and impact your business’ performance, if not maintained efficiently. 


CAS Global offers Virtual CFO services in areas that do not require your product & operations focus. With a highly skilled team of tax experts at CAS Global, we are updated with every change in tax legislation in US. The team has exposure to a variety of software used to prepare tax returns, so rest assured whichever software you are using, you are good to outsource tax compliance to us. For all the year-end compliance work – be it accounting or self-managed super funds, we prepare tax returns as well as ancillary service

In today's 21st century, everyone is feeling the brunt of climate change, including businesses. The US SEC does not mandate disclosure of ESG norms at present, but will do in near future. And your consumers, investors and other stakeholders have started looking at ESG practices, some of which can also impact their working decisions. At CAS Global, we offer both reporting & risk assessment services in-line with ESG norms established by SASB, sustainability arm of IFRS. We present to you the best picture of ESG principles at present and lay out recommendations that will help you get more compliant & climate-friendly

Virtual CFO solutions, and more....


Preparation of tax returns – Individual (including FBAR), Trust, Partnership, Corporations 


Sales Returns – State tax return, Local tax return, Occupation tax return


Carving out tax planning strategies

ESG accounting and reporting

ESG risk assessment


Quick Turnaround Times

We have a great record of delivering our services within deadlines and as per turnaround times required by the client


First Quality Service

We work on a Zero-Error mode. Our exceptional quality service has gained lot of trust from customers worldwide


Immensely Experienced Team

Our team of experts formulate an action plan to understand your needs and deliver excellent quality services


Confidentiality Maintained

We uphold strictest standards of confidentiality, to ensure the data is treated with trust and protection


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